Friday, December 28, 2007

Civil disobedience

That's IT!!! I have HAD it with the half-assed management of the city of Ottawa. The rule is, in a week with two holidays, garbage collection is postponed by two days. Well, here we are in a week with Christmas and Boxing Day - our garbage day is Thursday, so it should have been postponed until tomorrow, Saturday. I even went out to the end of the driveway this morning, just to see what everyone else was doing because bitter experience has taught me that you can never be sure. Our nextdoor neighbours had their garbage out, but they never know what they're doing, and their garbage can be out ANY day, so I discounted them. I was reassured to see that no one else on the street had their garbage out.

But what did I see this morning? A GARBAGE TRUCK racing past our door! I rushed out to see it disappear around the bend, and looked wildly over at the neighbours' driveway to see that their garbage had been picked up! So we have missed the garbage pickup!

Do you know what that MEANS? Recycling is picked up on alternating weeks - paper one week, glass and plastic the next. If you miss a week, that means they won't be back to pick up your recycling for another two weeks! So by the time they come, you'll have accumulated 4 WEEKS of paper or glass & plastic.

Well, no more. This is my Declaration of Independence: Henceforth, I REFUSE to recycle! It is ALL going in the garbage now - newspapers, boxes, jars, plastic juice bottles, you name it. I will not turn my garage into a garbage storage site for the city.

The only exceptions will be wine bottles, because we can get money for them (a 20-cent deposit on each one) and composting, because that's to benefit MY garden. For the rest, screw it. I'm not going to do it and they can't make me.


Anonymous Antique said...

I'm with you, sister! 10 years ago in my hometown, recycling was done by a company who made their cash by collecting refuse from homes, sorting it and selling it to various industries as raw materials for new products. We homeowners didn't have to pay a dime, we just had to have our recyclables out to the street once every 2 weeks.

The then city "improved" things. It wouldn't do to have a private company voluntarily organize the homeowners into recycling habits. The city decided to mandate recycling, and with it went licenses to the collection company, low-bidding processes, city management and a ton of overhead "stuff" to make what used to be a real success become a moderate indulgence. We now have to PAY $9.99 every month for the same service we used to get for free.

Many of us have opted out, though we still have to pay each month. Instead, what I and many others do is collect our recyclables over a month. Then we haul it to the recycling company that used to do our service for free (they're about 6 miles away). They actually PAY US for the refuse we leave with them.

It nets out to having to pay the city about $2.50/month, and we still get our recycling done.

Leave it to city managers who know more than the rest of us to improve our lot in life! On the other hand, I do thank them for the nice, big blue rcycling bin in which I can collect refuse for a month and haul it to the center wihtout making a mess in my yard or leaving a trail of cans and bottles along the roadside. That, at least, was thoughtful of them.

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