Monday, November 26, 2007

Taser first, think later

More weirdness from the very appropriately named Vancouver Airport AUTHORITY related to the tasering death of Robert Dziekanski.

According to this story from the 'National Post' last week, an East European employee was present who could have communicated with Dziekanski, but he was never asked to help, or even told about the incident until Dziekanski was dead.

And the Vancouver Airport AUTHORITY didn't take kindly to its employee pointing out that it had screwed up:
Mr. Vrba spoke to the National Post yesterday because, almost exactly a month after Mr. Dziekanski died, he was fired. He believes it may be because he spoke out about the fact that he could have helped. The airport told him he was "unsuitable for the job," an employment mark he said will make it nearly impossible for him to find work as a firefighter, a profession he had been training for as part of his airport duties.
What does the AUTHORITY have to say about this seeming case of eradicating dissent in its ranks?
Michele Mawhinny, vice-president of human resources for the Vancouver Airport Authority, said yesterday she could not comment on Mr. Vrba's allegations.

"Under privacy laws it really does prevent us from commenting on an employment matter," she said.

Ms. Mawhinny noted that under the authority's collective agreement there is a grievance procedure that workers can follow if they are unhappy with any element of their employment.
I heard on the radio this morning that today we're supposed to get a statement from the bureaucracies involved about what happened on Oct. 14. I'll post it when it turns up.

(thanks to The Spade)


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