Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot 'n humid gardening

It's going to be a hot day today, with little relief for the coming week. This is NOT the record-breaking hot summer the environmental experts were predicting, it's really pretty average for temperature, but it's still damp. Today I MUST mow the lawn, despite this morning's rain. I should have done it on the weekend, but I postponed it and now I have no choice. The boys are away for respite today, and I can't mow when they're around - James would come sneaking up behind me, and I can't hear him with the mower going, so it would be dangerous. Besides, the people renovating the house next door mowed THEIR lawn on the weekend, and I was so guilty at the sight that I had a dream that their garden was better than mine! They knocked down the fence so I could see, and they were planting a huge row of onions. And a little further off, they even had COWS!

Meanwhile, the roses and raspberries are being bedevilled by Japanese Beetles. I'll spray the roses, but it's too late to spray the raspberries, because the berries are ripening right now, and if you spray, you can't harvest for at least a week. Plus, these are ever-bearing raspberries, so the canes are continually producing flowers, attracting many bees. The spray is highly toxic to bees, and I can't bring myself to kill them, so we'll just have to cope with the beetles. They only eat the leaves, not the fruit, so although they're not doing the plants any good, we should be able to put up with them, and I don't think there are enough to kill the plants.


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