Sunday, August 12, 2007

Auction in Almonte

I went to an auction yesterday near Almonte. It's the kind I very much like - a 4th-generation farmhouse, where stuff has been accumulated for decades. I didn't buy that much, actually - another coffee pot (though I think it's stainless steel, not aluminum), set of aluminum canisters and a few pyrex dishes, plus a box full of old cookbooks (a few of the more ridiculous ones I plan to post here, Lileks-style), and 2 chairs. But I took some photos, just to show you what one of these auctions typically looks like.

Jim Hands is the auctioneer, and his system is that most of the small stuff is kept inside the house, where we can go look at it before the auction starts, then it's brought out piece by piece to be bid on. I prefer the auctions where EVERYTHING is outside on wagons, so when they're selling something I'm not interested in, I can walk around and look at other stuff. It's more entertaining, plus I can never really look at things closely when they're stuffed into boxes and we all have to crowd into a room or garage to look. But at least this time, there were books to look at out on the lawn. You can't tell how much small stuff there was at this sale, because it was all inside, but there were a LOT of pictures, dishes, embroidery, linen, you name it.

Milling around before the auction starts:

The books over at the side of the house:

The auction underway. Notice the table covered with old crocks. Some of those must have been very old and collectible, I think one went for over $100. There were also some old tin toys (trucks, mostly) that went for over $100 each. Obviously, collectors know which ones are valuable.

A bunch of guns for sale:

There were a LOT of old furs, including this buffalo coat. The auctioneer said, "Now, if any of you are thinking of starting a new career as a pimp, this is just what you need!"

It was a lot of fun. There were fields of soybeans all around us, and it was VERY quiet - far away from the highway. Living in the city, I really notice when I hear that sort of stillness.


Blogger Min O'Pause said...

Great pictures and commentary! I think I would have loved the tin toys, hands down.


7:37 pm  

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