Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flower extravaganza

Some pictures of the flowers blooming in the garden this morning:

This is the Winchester Cathedral rose. You'll notice it's white, but there is a pink bloom on the same plant! This may be what is called a "sport", but my book on David Austin roses says that Winchester Cathedral is descended from a pink rose called "Mary Rose". I think this pink one is a genetic throwback to its original parent. These are nice to look at, but I don't like the smell very much.

The next rose is a real beauty: it's called Benjamin Britten, and it's the most stunning shade of cerise with hints of gold. Usually I go for fragrance as much as for appearance, but this rose is SO beautiful, I don't really care that it doesn't have much fragrance. I bought 3 of them, and planted them in a group, so that they'll grow into one very big, impressive bush. The big one in front was bought last year, and I transplanted it to this location when I needed to make room for the damson plum tree. As you can see, it recovered from the transplanting very nicely.


The final rose is Eglantyne, another David Austin rose. This one has everything - a beautiful, tender pink and white colour, and a lovely scent. These pictures don't do justice to it. Once again, I've put 3 in a group by the front entrance. Two I bought this year, and one is a transplant from the back. It was in a bad spot - crowded by the Joe Pye Weed that would get so tall by the end of the summer. And right in front of the deck, so James's toys would get pushed over on top of it; it was always been knocked over. However, it's about 4 years old, so moving it was difficult, and the shock was pretty bad. It lost a lot of leaves, but now I see fresh growth starting up again, so it's survived. Hopefully next year it will be very strong, and the two younger ones will catch up with it.

I must have inherited the gardening gene from my mother, who was a great gardener. But when I was young, I HATED the garden! It was so boring! All she grew were shrubs and groundcovers. I couldn't see the point of that - you couldn't smell it, put it in a vase or eat it. So helping out in the garden was always an ordeal. I think she finally gave up expecting to make us do anything more than mow the grass. But this year I think I'm finally getting the garden that I always wanted to have.


Blogger Nicholodeon said...

Lovely photos! I envy anyone who has the patience ? to grow roses. My late Aunt Gertrude had a series of rose bushes that she nurtured into loving bloom every year in the desert near Hemet, CA where she lived. THE DESERT!!!

5:05 pm  
Blogger Mrs. Falstaff said...

I love the photo of the rose with two different colours. My garden is looking pretty nice, too. I have a huge bunch of black eyed susans. My plan is to have alternating peonies, bleeding hearts and black eyed susans, in order to have flowers all spring and summer.

6:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the color today!


8:40 pm  

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