Friday, June 22, 2007

Well. That', then, eh?

Bishop Fred Hiltz was elected primate of the ACC, on the 5th ballot. According to Peter at Anglican Essentials, the deadlock was broken after the fourth ballot. Here were the vote totals:
Fourth Ballot

C 116 / 59 reqd
L 137 / 70 reqd

Fred Hiltz 56 / 75 (+3 / +2)
Victoria Matthews 60 / 62 (-2 / -2)

Fifth Ballot

C 116 / 59 reqd
L 137 / 70 reqd

Fred Hiltz 60 / 81 (+4 /+6) *Elected*
Victoria Matthews 56 /56 (-4 / -6)

Not a big vote shift, but then, we're not talking about a lot of electors here.

On StandFirm, someone was asking what caused the shift of support from Matthews to Hiltz? We'll probably never know, unless delegates go public with their reasoning. My theory is that the very even split was not really an even division between "liberals" and "conservatives". I know Matthews was touted as the "conservative" candidate, but only in relative terms. A conservative like me and the people at SF or MCJ would find her solidly liberal.

I think the electorate at the synod, both clergy and laity, are largely liberal. I think liberals voted for Hiltz because he's a liberal, and other liberals voted for Matthews because she's a woman. Don't EVER underestimate the amount of "me-tooism" in Canada vis-a-vis the U.S. I think a lot of people are envious that the U.S. elected a woman to head their church first, and wanted to prove that Canada is every bit as progressive. But threat of having to go over to the HOB for another candidate must have convinced some that that dream was not going to happen THIS time, and so some went for the true-blue liberal candidate. Hiltz isn't a woman, but he's got everything else a liberal could want.

Anyway, that's my wild guess of how it worked out.

The disappointment among the conservative bloggers is palpable. Not much comfort to offer.

"The worst is not, So long as we can say, 'This is the worst.'"


Anonymous Toral said...

Dr M.:

I'm sure ++Vicky has her faults. But there are some good things to be said about her.

1. She is a genuine Christian.

That makes her the default candidate for Conservative support.

2. She is much smarter, more competent, and a better writer than any candidate for primate at least since WWII.

3. She chaired the committee that wrote the St. Michael's Report, that would have acknowledged that allowing SSBs was a matter of doctrine, and required same-sex-blessings to be authorized by a two-thirds vote of all 3 houses over 2 successive GSs.

This was an act of inspiring, God-directed courage. ++Vicky could either have fudged the issue, or placated the powers in the church by pronouncing the issue to be a 50%+ one -- or she could have pushed through a compromise such as the departing Primate eventually put through.

That ++Mathews was willing to do this shows at the minimum that she is willing to use her power with integrity, for other purposes than to shape events to her will. I am not a great student of deep Anglican bureaucracy but I have been in the ACC for over 35 years and there is no other leader in the ACC of whom I can say that about with assurance.



10:15 pm  
Anonymous Toral said...

Oh, and I guess I should add --

If Bishop Matthews were willing to fudge, she would have been elected primate today. And I'm sure she knew that.

10:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I know Matthews was touted as the "conservative" candidate, but only in relative terms."

Reading this and the 6/21 Pigs in Pokes post, it reminded me of the theology quizzes floating around (ex.
where you fill out the questions and are rewarded at the end with a picture of Calvin or Bultmann or someone along with a little horoscope like description of your theology.

Given the diversity of views in the AC as compared to other denominations, forcing all Bishops in the AC to take such a quiz and posting the results in a central place (ABC's website) would clear up a lot of confusion.
For example, a conservative planning to move to another diocese or province could look up what the Bishop is like, so as to know whether legal conflicts were likely.

They could get Radner+ to write it while he's working on the covenant.

11:33 pm  
Anonymous ellie m said...

Welcome to the Anglican Church, where orthodoxy PREVENTS you from being elected to high office.

1:10 pm  

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