Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh, and one last thing

I'm no great enthusiast for Native American religion. It has no meaning for me, and I'm often annoyed to have it dragged into public state ceremonies as if it's of some overwhelming importance to Canadians in general. Christianity had FAR more importance in the forming of this country, yet you never see solemn processions of Catholic priests opening Parliament or the Olympic Games.

But I really feel offended at the way Native culture is being used by the Anglican Church. All this stuff of drumming, dancing, chanting, sweetgrass-burning, and smudging is purely for photo-op purposes. When it's time for business, surprise! "Our Native brothers and sisters" are rather conservative on the subject of homosexual marriage, and so suddenly they're just like those primitives in Africa - off to the back of the bus with you, and thanks for the bead-and-feather show. It's that same magpie instinct that Mrs. Schori has demonstrated so often - pick up the bright shinies from other religions and carry them back to decorate the nest. But that's ALL they are - decoration. It's not taking them seriously at all. I think it's more insulting to other religions than just leaving them alone.


Anonymous ellie m said...

A revisionist's only religion is liberalism.

Christianity's just a "bright shiny" to them as well.

1:33 pm  
Anonymous little gidding said...

Hey--"Shalom," y'all. Betcha Schori got that from "Christian Yoga," where the participants--oh, so cleverly--intone it as an approximation of "Aum," on the out breath.

11:04 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

This superficial tipping of the hat to the Injuns reminds me of the annual Christmas shows we put on in school when I was a boy. Somewhere in the middle of it the music director would stick in some Hebrew tune bearing no relation (obviously) to the event, the message being: "Oh, yeah, this one's for the Jews out there."

Even as kids my classmates and I recognized patronizing behavior when we saw it and I recognize it now when KJS ties on an Indian feather and solemnly intones, "Shalom."

9:31 am  
Anonymous ellie m said...

I visited a Mohawk reserve once and there was a beautiful little Anglican church there, complete with stained glass and plaques honouring their war dead. The rector said the Mohawk congregation was mostly older and traditional, and they wouldn't allow smudging, sage grass etc in their church: "They say they don't want any of that 'Indian stuff'." :)

10:24 am  
Anonymous Mrs. falstaff said...

Well, no kidding. Sumdging and sweetgrass ceremonies call upon other gods; Christians would object.

3:34 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

Mrs. Falstaff, your short posting neatly sums up the whole situation today in the Episcopal Church.

10:31 pm  
Anonymous Mrs. Falstaff said...

Bovina: You are absolutely right. That's why I attend an Anglican church that is a memeber of the Anglican Network in Canada.

9:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Those damn Indians. Who do they think they are? I'm so glad my country stole their land and killed most of them off. Who needs em?

Such uncivilized louts. Most of them are alcoholics anyway. The only good one is the guy that played Tonto.

Ira Hayes

9:47 am  
Anonymous ellie m said...

Ira Hayes: so give your property back to them and return to the Mother Country.

I'm sure they'd have been much happier if none of us had ever come here. Who needs medicare anyway?

12:33 pm  

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