Friday, June 29, 2007

Dean, the Hewer of Wood and Drawer of...Wood

Dean sent me this email from work yesterday. You've seen the photo of our front porch, piled high with wood. Well, this is how it tends to get that way...
...I was taking a pleasant walk along Sussex Drive following yesterday's intense heat and thunderstorms...and after awhile I spied a rather nice neatly detached branch from a tall tree, almost free of bark, not much more than 12 feet long.

I thought about simply dragging it back with me...past the Prime Minister's house, past the French Ambassador's residence and into Foreign Affairs...though the main hall and just outside the cafeteria and then upstairs to the 6th floor of C Tower where a quick jaunt past our Legal Advisor's Office and the DG's would find me placing it against the wall of my office...only three feet or so jutting outside into the hallway.

But wait, I felt something..nothing I could put a finger on...that people might find my industry to be odd or quixotic but a fellow was working in his garage across the street and he graciously used his chain saw to cut it up into twelve 16 inch pieces...I noticed that the security guards at Pearson seemed interested in my treasure trove as I carried it in my arms...I think their look was probably envy...

I shall take the bundle home tonight courtesy of OC Transpo


Blogger Kasia said...

I think I would like your husband. I would not, however, like the wood-collecting habit. ;-)

1:33 pm  

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