Sunday, May 13, 2007

He shoots, he scores!!!!

A very happy Ottawa today - the Senators won the second game of the semi-finals against Buffalo last night. We only watched through part of the second period, when the score was 2-2; it went into double overtime before Ottawa got the tiebreaker. These games are starting at 8:00PM, no doubt so the west coast can see them in prime time too, and we just get too tired to see the whole thing.

It's good news, but I must say, I thought Buffalo really outplayed Ottawa, at least for the half of the game I saw. And I'm sorry, but I would have counted that disallowed Buffalo goal in the first period. I guess they were just applying the rules very strictly, but Don Cherry was right - the puck hit the player's glove, and bounced off him into the net. He only moved his hand (which was still holding his stick) in a reflex action. If he'd stayed still, the puck would have still gone in, and it would have counted. As it was, the combination of puck-glove-movement fell under the rule against batting the puck into the net, so the goal was disallowed. Lucky for Ottawa, or they'd have been down 3-0 after 10 minutes, and probably would never have recovered. They were really outplayed in that first period - looked very sleepy compared to Buffalo.


Anonymous Christopher Johnson said...

I'm pulling for you guys to take it all. The original Senators ended their existence as the St. Louis Eagles so this is about as close as my town will ever get to a Stanley Cup, considering what a sorry organization the St. Louis Blues have at the moment. :-)

4:21 pm  

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