Monday, May 14, 2007

Game 3 - Ottawa 1, Buffalo 0

Ottawa is now up 3-0 in this series; it looks like they really might take it after all. Tonight's game was hard-played, but very little scoring. Goalies were doing a good job, though the Buffalo goalie got a harder workout than Ottawa's Emery. Next game is Thursday, I think - I wonder if they'll sew up the series here at home?

Some ambitious gardening going on today - I've planted two little apple trees at the bottom of the garden. We've planted a cherry tree 3 years ago that's growing well, but apples take a lot of care, with attention to spraying schedules and pruning, so this is a bit of a gamble. However, I saw these two nice trees at Canadian Tire - a Cortland and a Northern Spy - and thought we'd give it a try. "Northern Spys for Apple Pies," Dean always says. They're both late trees, so hopefully they will bloom at the same time and cross-fertilize each other. If that fails, there are two old apple trees in the yard next door, so there is still hope for fertilization from that direction.

I've finished most of the fun gardening, and now I have to get around to the dull stuff, like pulling up weeds and setting down barriers between the planting beds and the lawn to keep the crabgrass from spreading into the flowers. Always such a tiresome job. Once I've got rid of a lot of the weeds, I'll invest in some bark mulch, but this cleanup work comes first. Today I bought 25 bags of black soil, which I lugged from the van to the back yard in the wheelbarrow (3 bags per trip). It's to improve and replace soil that got removed when I pulled up the turf, trying to make neater flower beds. Hardly seems to make a dent in the landscape at all - I used two of the bags for planting the apple trees, because the soil down at the bottom of the garden is not great - a lot of clay when you dig down 18", so I mixed the original soil with black earth, sand, compost, and even a bit of sawdust, to try to make it a bit friendlier to the apples. At least it's going to rain tonight and tomorrow, at last - it's been very dry this spring. I actually put a sprinkler out today for the new trees, and also to help along the seeds planted last week. A few radishes are poking out from where I planted them among the carrots. A little water really helps.


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