Monday, April 02, 2007

The post-winter, pre-spring garden

Some pictures of the garden, now that the snow has gone, but spring has yet to really appear:

And there's even worse:

One of our stone retaining walls fell down. This has happened before, but never so much at once. James doesn't help things by pushing over the stones sometimes, too, but I can't blame this one on him. I was outside when two big rocks just fell over by themselves; it's the heaving of the ground with the freezing and unfreezing that goes on at this time of year. So once things dry out properly, Dean and I will have to dismantle this entire wall and rebuild it, and this time we'll CEMENT it together, so James can't work any mischief over the summer.

But there are signs of hope:These are the chives I mentioned before, now over an inch high!

And there's also this:
The indomitable RHUBARB! Two days ago, there was a pool of ice right beside these buds, and the plant's only a few feet from the fence, so it gets the least amount of sun of any place in the garden. But nothing will stop it, even at this time of year. This spring, I think I'll try making some rhubarb jam, along with the usual pies.


Anonymous Mrs. Falstaff said...

I'll have to check my rhubarb. Yum. Do you have any fiddleheads? That's a huge yard - are you in the rural parts of Ottawa?

4:07 pm  
Blogger Nicholodeon said...

We are the Voice of Doom...the freezing and unfreezing has naught to do with thy wall falling over...thou art being visited by the restless spirit of Dead Episcopalianism...

This hauntynge shall continue with thee until God doth make a square circle, at which tyme, wee shall know that women may become priests...

Until then, be thou haunted! Oh, and since you Western Christians have finally got the date for Easter right, Happy Easter.

5:29 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

That's all I need - an Episcopal poltergeist (Episcergeist?) infesting my garden. I guess I'll have to go out there and exorcise it with a banjo and a bottle of bourbon.

Our yard is quite long, though just average in width. Fortunately, it faces south and west, so we've had good luck growing things. Not in the rural area, either; we're just in Ottawa South, near the river.

9:24 pm  

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