Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh, come on...DO SOMETHING!!

That's how I feel every day when I go out into the garden. The chives are still growing, the rhubarb and bleeding hearts still have just barely poked little pink noses above the earth, but apart from that, not much is happening. Nevertheless, I pruned the roses - still can't tell if those David Austin roses I bought last year survived the winter - and also the currants. All three look healthy and covered with buds; this year I'll be wary of late frosts that might kill the blossoms, as happened with the black currant last year. I also raked up some dead leaves and sticks, to Yin's great dismay. I've got to find the phone number of the guy I call every year to tune up my gas engines, so he can get my rototillers working again, as well as making it easier to start the lawn mower. I hate it when I practically give myself a hernia yanking on that starter cord first thing in the spring.

It's actually a bit too early to till the soil - even in the New Garden, when I squeezed a handful of earth, a little water squeezed out, and the Old Garden is wetter, as it was covered with snow longer. But maybe in a two weeks it'll be ready, so I want to get my machines prepared ahead of time. After all, the seed packet for my Purple Haze carrots says one can start planting at the beginning of May!


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