Monday, March 19, 2007

Six Weird Things

Kasia has tagged me for a meme: list 6 weird things about myself. This has turned out to be harder than I thought; I'm so used to myself, I don't see my weirdness as all that weird anymore. But there are a few things...

1) My first great collection (and I've gone on to collect many things) was when I was a child: I collected boxes. They had to be pretty, or oddly-shaped, or somehow unusual. I had them elegantly arranged on the shelf that ran across the top of my closet. When Christmas came around, my mom and sister would be allowed to borrow boxes to wrap presents in, on condition that I got the boxes back afterward. I had that box collection until I moved away from home, and then I was in real trouble when it came time to send presents myself. Not having any of my usual boxes, I had to scrounge what I could, and I remember giving Mom a Christmas present of an antique embroidered tablecloth...stuffed into a Kotex box! That one got a lot of laughs, despite my energetic protests to just open it and ignore the container, because THIS WAS THE ONLY BOX I COULD FIND!!

2) My current collections: Aluminum cookware, aluminum coffee pots, food grinders, silicon kitchen gadgets and baking pans, retro lamps, old cookbooks.

3) I feel sorry for inanimate objects. When I hit the brakes too hard, I feel sorry for my wheels. When I was at a country auction and nobody wanted a bunch of woolen blankets, I felt sorry for them and bought them myself (the start of another collection).

4) I've been known to make pancakes for supper - but only when Dean's not home.

5) I've never smoked a cigarette. I tried once, but I literally "didn't inhale" - I couldn't make myself inhale, because I knew it would hurt.

6) I have a phobia about talking on the telephone, and go to a lot of trouble to avoid doing it. This was difficult in the days when I earned my living as a secretary, but I managed to suppress my disgust with telephones enough to do a good job. My other phobia is getting my hair cut; it's mostly a social problem, because I feel obliged to talk during the process, and I'm never at ease talking with people I don't know (that's probably the root of the phone problem, too).


Blogger Kasia said...


I've done pancakes for supper, but I don't suppose that's really grounds to scoff at you. ;-)

I feel sorry for inanimate objects too sometimes, but I can definitely see how it's weird. Have you ever named your cars? How about talked to them?

(Although really, sometimes it seems like we're getting to the point where feeling sorry for human beings is weird...)

10:03 am  
Blogger The Big Seester said...

Dr. Mabuse,

You and I have a lot in common - I have never smoked a cigarette either - can't even bring myself to hold a cigarette, lit or not.

AND, I hate talking on the phone too. Not only that, but one of the 3 people I tagged (The Clam tagged me) said the same thing about phones. I would have sworn that was really weird, but apparently not. Either that or many converts to Catholicism have a spookily similar problem.

Also, I don't think it's weird to eat pancakes for dinner - when else are we going to have them these days? Who makes them for breakfast anymore? I also often have French toast for dinner. (But not together.)

Have you ever made "Dutch pancakes" for dinner? It's actually a big pancake that you make in a pie plate and bake - it's delicious!


2:42 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Dutch pancakes? No, but they do sound lovely! Are they sprinkled with icing sugar before serving? I might have seen a picture in a book once.

11:14 pm  

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