Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rubbed the wrong way

The Swan of Newark has a new category on her blog: Divine Sandpaper. Kendall Harmon is the latest to get this treatment. Of course, the premise is that HE is the sandpaper, grating on her, but reading through their respective blogs leaves no question about which of the two is the finer grain. I've got my own opinion of where Fr. Harmon's "better dead than rude" philosophy will get you when dealing with revisionists, but he seems determined to stick to it, which is probably why her post won't be appearing on his blog (or this one either, if it comes to that). But having entered The Sandpaper Zone, I hope he's man enough to realize what he's up against:

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Blogger Nicholodeon said...

That sandpaper tape is just too fine. It took me back to my tough period...August 28, 1970 to August 31, 1970...when I was living in Santa Barbara. In the days when quiche was 'egg pie'.

The dialogue between the two sites referenced escapes me as it is too erudite vis-a-vis the Ekiskalopian to-ing and fro-ing. May they all rest in peace.

However, what got my meditation going this morning was the reference to sandpaper. I use sandpaper to finish my boards before and after applying the gesso.

Thither I wandered my inner landscape to the Wood of the Ark and the Wood of the Cross... next Sunday 11/26 March is 'Creeping to the Cross' Sunday for us Orthodox. Rome used to have this ceremony in her Good Friday Liturgy, but I suppose this has been done away with. And it really was called 'Creeping to the Cross' in England in the Middle Ages.

Thanks for the word on 'Yin' and how marvellous the name for the one described! Bark! bark! from me to Yin.

If Dean is so into Orthodoxy, might he not take it as a sign that thither his walk is leading him? In the old days, Anglicanism was so very close to us in spirit, ethos and 'feel'.

12:02 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Dean did one day want to join the Orthodox Church. I asked him if it was alright for me to convert to Catholicism and he said to go ahead; but if he'd wanted to convert to Orthodoxy, I think maybe I would have too, as it's more proper for a family to share one faith. It wouldn't have been quite natural for me, though - I've always been drawn to the Western tradition, it's really where my heart is. But that is something he'll have to decide himself.

We used to do something like 'Creeping to the Cross' in the Anglo-Catholic church we used to attend. I don't think they called it that, though. We would come up the center aisle, kneeling periodically, then kneel down a crucifix being held at the front of the church. Can't remember what we called it. "Veneration of the Cross" I think.

12:50 pm  

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