Thursday, March 08, 2007

Going broke in the cold

Yes, it's STILL cold. And this morning I took my van in for its regular checkup, and they discovered that the brakes are going. ALL of them. Plus something is leaking in the engine, but they haven't found out what yet. So we are looking at $1000+ of ruddy car repairs. The van has to stay there until tomorrow, too, so I won't be able to drive Emma to karate tonight (maybe not such a disaster, as she got a diptheria/tetanus vaccination yesterday, and her arm still hurts, so she probably won't be sorry to stay home). But somebody had offered Dean a ticket to the Ottawa/Toronto hockey game tonight, and he turned it down because he thought Emma would be going to practise tonight! Aaarrghhh... I told him to get on the phone and see if MAYBE the guy hadn't given the ticket away to someone else yet. It should be a good game, and since Dean is originally from Toronto, he'd be happy no matter who wins. And considering the way the Senators have been throwing away leads recently, I wouldn't take a bet on who that would be.

Oh, well, there was one bright moment - I discovered another Pyrex coffee pot, with a very attractive handle, stranded in the garage, so I brought it inside and took it to the basement to join its brethren.


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