Monday, January 08, 2007

Yin's first trip to the vet

Off to the vet today, for regular shots and a general checkup. Poor Yin was shaking like a leaf when I reached into the crate to carry her into the office! This was her first time away from home since we'd gotten her, and she must have thought I was going to feed her to a lion. She calmed down eventually, though I had to fill out the information form with her perched on my shoulder - she couldn't climb any higher. The shots went well, I think she hardly noticed them. We were thinking of getting a microchip ID put into her, but the doctor showed me the needle, which is HUGE, especially for a little dog. He said it hurts a LOT, and the best time to do it is when they're being spayed, and are already anaesthetized. We'll have to look into that; she's still a little young for spaying, he said it's best done when they're 5-6 months old, and she's just 3.5 months. If it's not too expensive, I think we might do both. She came home and immediately went to sleep - exhausted by all the stress. We have another appointment in February, then she should be set for shots for a while to come.


Blogger Kasia said...

Oh, poor thing!

I remember when I adopted Dodge (my tabby cat), he was being fostered by a Humane Society volunteer and had already had two homes that the H.S. knew of. Poor thing was TERRIFIED of me in the interview room (which looked more like a cell, so I don't blame him). Although I wasn't counting on him being so shy, I thought he was beautiful and decided to trust the H.S. volunteer's account of how sweet and cuddly he was at home.

The regular employees could NOT get him into the carrier for love nor money. That cat was absolutely determined not to go ANYwhere else. Then the volunteer who'd been fostering him came along, saw what was going on, and said "Let me try." She got him in no problem.

Then he developed some inflammation at his site (I'd had him neutered before he left the H.S.), so I had to bring him in to get it looked at. Poor cat was PETRIFIED again, and it took me forever to get him into the carrier. After the appointment, however, when I went to put him back in to take him home, he went like a lamb. I guess he just needed to figure out that I wasn't pawning him off onto yet ANOTHER home. That was almost five years ago; now he hardly ever gives me trouble with the carrier. He doesn't like going to the vet, of course, but he's much more trusting...and the volunteer was right, he's a lovebug of the first degree once he trusts you.

1:33 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I hope she sees it the same way as Dodge - "Yes, she takes me out sometimes, but she ALWAYS takes me home again after!" I think it's just a question of trust, as you say.

3:08 pm  

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