Thursday, January 04, 2007

But do they have snozzberry?

Interesting article in the Edmonton Journal, about a man who was inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to invent Peel 'n Taste strips - similar to scent sample strips, only these dissolve in your mouth to give you a sample taste of a product.
Peel 'n Taste strips are ideal for products where taste, not texture, is the major characteristic, he says. Beverages are "a real sweet spot" for First Flavor, Aziz says, but the taste strip he's most excited about is one that offers an apple flavour followed by a burst of cinnamon, finishing with the grainy goodness of oatmeal.
Sounds very cool - that last one reminds me of Violet and the 3-course dinner in a stick of gum.

I did a websearch on this guy, and turned up an ABC story from November.


Blogger Kasia said...

And what about has beans?

I tagged you, btw - got hit with two memes in three days, and now you get the joy. :-)

11:08 pm  

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