Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A very nice Christmas

We had a nice Christmas this year. First of all, James didn't get up until 6:45 AM, which is very good for him - I remember past Christmasses when we were all up at 5:30. The opening of the presents was a bit more chaotic than usual - Thomas just grabbed them all and opened them before we knew what was happening. So it was a case of "What's this dvd of 'Fall of Eagles' doing here on the floor?" "Oh, that's your Christmas present." I think next year Dean and I will open ours the night before. Dean gave me a wonderful present of the only perfume I wear - Norma Kamali's incense perfume, and you can only get it from her shop in New York. It's been years since I've had it, so I've been wearing it since yesterday. Now Emma says the whole house smells of incense, which suits me fine.

Dean was right about not getting the puppy on Christmas Day; she would have been shortchanged by all the hubbub. As it is, we were even able to give her some presents, too - Emma got her a beanie chew toy, and I got her a bed.

It's been phenomenally warm here in Ottawa. A green Christmas for the first time since I moved here over 25 years ago. There has been much playing with the dog in the back yard - maybe that's why my back is sore today. Then again, maybe it's gout from all the tarts and Christmas pudding (which turned out beautifully).


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