Monday, December 11, 2006

Plastered saint

I can't help it, but I find this story on VirtueOnline about the Bishop of Southwark getting drunk ("tired and emotional", in the classic British euphemism) absolutely hilarious. This is a compilation of a bunch of articles on the subject, and I laugh every time I read it. I don't care that the guy is a super-liberal, it's just the whole scenario is comic from beginning to end. From him getting loud and boisterous when he hit the Portuguese wine at the Irish Ambassador's house, to the moment when he's tossing stuffed toys out of somebody else's silver Mercedes, right up to the sheepish admission that he couldn't put his miter on the next day at church because of the big bump on his head. It's like something out of a Benny Hill sketch.

I hope he doesn't lose his job because of this. As one commenter said, "the liberal establishment will tolerate non-believing bishops, homosexual bishops, stupid bishops, dishonest bishops, cruel bishops and profligate bishops, but not drunk ones." I was rather touched by the fact that the bishop tottered away from the party in order to take public transit to get home - he should get some credit for not driving drunk. Even when he got into a car, it was the back seat, not behind the wheel.


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