Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Busy weekend

So much going on in the Episcopal Church, and I've only been able to read the quick-fire posts on other blogs, without talking about it myself. The reason is, that we had a busy weekend: I got a call from Santa, saying that he had a special present for us, but he didn't want to bring it next week, because it might get squashed in the sleigh. So he brought it by on Sunday evening, and here she is:
This is Yin, she's almost 3 months old, a spaniel-poodle cross, and she is the cutest ball of fluff in the whole world! Emma was just overwhelmed, and we let her name the puppy; she likes the Yin/Yang symbols, and since Yin is almost completely black with a little bit of white, plus she's a girl, Emma thought this would be a good name. (That's a little black and white stuffed whale in the basket next to her - her white fur is under her neck and on her nose.) Later in the evening, Emma said, "This is just like dreams I'd have about getting a puppy! Only you guys are too much in character, so I know it's not a dream." (Ha! I guess the dream involved getting renovated parents along with the dog!)

I've never had a dog before; cats, yes, but not dogs. Dean suggested getting a puppy for Christmas a few weeks ago, and my first reaction was to say no, but as I thought about it, I came round to the idea, and so we started looking for an appropriate dog. Yin reminds me of a black spaniel named Cindy I knew when I was a kid, though I expect she'll stay rather small; they say this breed grows to about 14 lbs. But that's good, because we have a big yard which will be nice for her, whereas a big dog might find it a bit confining.

I'm SO happy we have this little ball of black curls; I think it was getting to me, being alone all the time, especially as the winter comes on. I was reading a ghost story last week, and one of the characters was described as "She talked to herself a great deal, as often happens with people who are alone," and I realized, "That's me! I talk to myself all the time!" I love having this little creature around, and she's so loving and eager, as if just being there is the greatest thing in the world we can do for her. I'll put up more pictures as she gets older.


Blogger Kasia said...

TOO CUTE! Absolutely too cute! What a li'l doll!

BTW, while Emma may indeed have meant the statement just as you took it, I rather thought she meant that it was too 'real' to be a dream. You know how in a dream someone will say something totally weird and unlike them? Like, when I was about eight, I had a dream that there was a wicked witch in our basement. She told me I must never come down into the basement again, or I would suffer dire consequences (I don't recall the details); I replied that we were going to be moving in 6 months or so - which was true - but that until then I might have to go into the basement when asked by my parents. She quickly agreed to this compromise.

So when a wicked witch lets you negotiate turf, you know it's a dream. (Nevertheless, from that point until we moved I still ran up the stairs as fast as I could every time I had to go to the basement for something...)


2:53 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

You may well be right. There's a scene in 'Jane Eyre' when Jane returns to Rochester, but he's blind and can't see her, so he thinks that he's dreaming, as he so often, that she's come back to him. He's finally convinced it's really her when she says, "My uncle in Madeira died and left me 5,000 pounds." He says, "That's practical - that's real. I should never dream that!"

4:40 pm  
Blogger Ellie M said...

Awww! You will LOVE having a dog, Dr. Mabuse. My family got one a few years ago and he truly is a member of our family circle now.

10:03 am  

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