Monday, November 27, 2006

Plum Puddings I

Today I will be making plum puddings. I already made a couple last week (first time ever!) and I enjoyed it so much, I'm going to make some more today. Emma's home sick, so I won't be going out to take her to school, so I figured I might as well get in some serious cooking today. Unfortunately, I can't eat these things, because they're too rich for me, but I can give them for Christmas presents. And the church will be having a bakesale in a few weeks; I let them down last year, as I'd promised to make some pies for the sale, then ended up in Emergency with pneumonia the very day of the sale. So this time I'll be prepared in advance, and provide a few plum puddings.

Since last week's effort was a success, I thought I'd photograph the process today and put it on the blog, for anyone else who may want to give it a try. As pictures take a lot of space, and I'm not that handy at editing and moving them around, I'll do this in a sequence of postings, otherwise this will stretch on forever.

First, I must introduce to you the Übermaschine:

I got this Vita-Mixer Maxi-4000 at an auction a few months ago for the ridiculously low price of $26.00. I haven't even started trying out all the things it can do, but there are some things it does REALLY well. One of them is making fresh breadcrumbs. As you can see from the following photos, you take a couple pieces of bread (my own homemade wholewheat/poppyseed loaf), wad them into a ball, put them into the machine, flick the switch a few times, and behold!

I've never seen anything like it. Beside the crumbs are the chopped walnuts it did, too.


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