Sunday, October 15, 2006

The right way to be a conservative in ECUSA

It's ECUSA's "neutron bomb" solution: when the people melt away and the buildings stay behind. Here's another sad little story about an Episcopal church shutting down. Someone should keep a running count of these. In this case, it seems it was a small conservative parish in a liberal diocese, that just wasn't strong enough to stand against the tide going against them. I note the magnanimous leave-taking of the bishop, Rob O'Neill:
According to O’Neill, St. Francis was the only Colorado parish to close in part because it disagreed with the direction of the Episcopal Church. He said he holds no ill will toward the parishioners because of it. They did what they thought was right, O’Neill said, and they went about it the right way.
"The right way" being to kindly disappear and leave the real estate:
The building itself belongs to the Episcopal Church and will be used to further the “mission of the church,” O’Neill said.
Self-cleaning conservatives - leave nothing behind but the fresh scent of pine money.


Blogger Ellie M said...

At least this community voted to close, instead of being forcibly ejected and having their own church's doors locked against them.

(But we mustn't marginalize anybody, say the revisionistas, or make them feel unwelcome in our inclusive, diversity-loving church!)

6:37 pm  

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