Sunday, October 08, 2006


There's a bit of a flurry going on right now over some pictures...

Stand Firm seems to have been the first to draw attention to a picture at Susan Russell's blog, of three apes dressed as bishops. Then Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal noticed, too, and pretty soon the air was thick with accusations of racism and counter-accusations of humourlessness. Susan Russell is not the only one posting these pictures, but seems to be the most defiant, as she has refused to take them down. Fr. Jake Stops The World had them up too, (maybe even first, I'm not sure) but he responded to the protests that they were in bad taste by removing them. And there was another one, plus this early one and there could be many more for all I know, but these were the easiest to find.

What to make of all this? The blogs posting the pictures insist that they're just a joke (primates, geddit?) and that only some seriously dishonest person (like a conservative) could possibly see anything racist in them. The protesters point out that there is a long history of racist portrayal of blacks as simians, and intentions be damned, any sentient person, particularly in America, should be aware of this and sensitive to it. Not for the first time, there is a role reversal here - the liberals are standing on "original intent" (it was only a joke, and besides, they're liberals, which de facto means that they couldn't have a racist bone in their bodies), while the conservatives are worrying about minority sensitivities.

What I find interesting is that these pictures are suddenly sprouting up NOW, and they're all coming from the liberal side. Looking up Wikipedia, I discover that the Anglican Church in Canada has had 12 primates, the first being Robert Machray, elected in 1893. I expect that other churches introduced this title somewhere around the same time. So there have been "primates" around for over a hundred years. How odd that the humour of the word just seems to have struck liberals at about the same moment some archbishops, coincidentally from Africa, have crossed their path in a way that they would resent. Wasn't Darwin in his heyday in the 1890s? You'd have thought the joke would have been even funnier back then, and the papers would have been full of cartoons of apes in mitres and croziers. But it seems it only became uproariously funny once there were black men wearing those mitres.

I don't know what is really in the mind of those liberals who are vigorously defending these pictures and pooh-poohing any notion of racism. Back in June, I posted a little composition on Liberals and Transgression. As David Warren put it, a liberal "is attracted almost sexually to the idea of transgression - to soiling the respectable." I think this phenomenon is at the root of this "monkey-picture" fracas. Deep down, a liberal KNOWS that this is offensive. No one knows better, because creating a repugnance to images of blacks as apes is a proud LIBERAL accomplishment. They spent decades hunting out, exposing and eradicating tolerance for such sentiments. So to soil THIS particular spotless landscape carries an unbelievably intoxicating tang of evil. To corrupt your own innocence - there can't be anything more deliciously perverted than that. "Pushing the envelope" has become an addiction for the Left. These are people who spend much time and effort resenting self-denial and fighting against limits on their own behaviour and desires. And this is why the liberals in question are so resolutely playing dumb in this matter- they can never bear the self-knowledge that would result if they consciously realized that they would sell anything, anything at all, even their own child - racial justice - for the pleasure of transgression.


Blogger Ellie M said...

And in other news, the Lady Novelist of Newark (to use your excellent phrase) has apparently decided that only females should be able to attend the investiture of P.B. Schori:

How very... sexist!

7:18 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Yes, I read that piece. I think the Wiccans really have it right - if you want to believe in female spirits whooshing all about you, like at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', just invent a religion and make up crap. It's more honest than ransacking Jewish mythology and dragging in Shekinah and Ruah and pretending that this is some long-lost form of Christianity. It isn't. It's just pretend.

7:35 am  

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