Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ugly quilts I have known

I did NOT make this quilt.

It ended up on my hands. Several years ago, I'd bought a box of blankets at an auction, and found this at the bottom. It dates from the 1970s - I could tell, because the whole top was made of polyester knit fabric. Yes, that is BROWN polyester throughout, except for 4 blocks at the extreme left, where they must have run out of the original colour and used a darker brown. The back was made of cheap flannel, and it was tied at intervals with pink Phentex. It's supposed to be a "Fan" pattern, but the maker was too stupid to put a contrasting colour at the base of each fan, so the shape is lost - instead, it looks like a broken-back "Drunkard's Path" pattern.

I didn't know what to do with this...thing. You can't just throw away a perfectly good quilt, even one as ugly as this one. Wear it out? Impossible. This kind of heavy, suit-weight polyester would never wear out - this was an indestructible, iron quilt. I finally hit on a solution, and may God forgive me.

That was the year the Red River flooded in Manitoba, and in Ottawa the schools were collecting relief supplies to send out west. I donated this quilt to the Red River Relief Drive. To this day, I sometimes imagine what must have been the reaction of the poor person who'd lost everything, and was given this depressing brown monstrosity. It would have been enough to push me right over the edge - I'd have probably gone right out and hanged myself.


Blogger Kate said...

That's sinful. Funny, but sinful.

11:09 pm  

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