Saturday, September 23, 2006

Standing at the latter day

This article is causing a little stir about the march of dhimmitude in the UK.
A multi-faith cemetery will have all its graves aligned with Mecca, despite Christian burials traditionally facing east. CHRIS BIRKLE finds out how Christians and Muslims feel about the controversial council decision

In today's secular society you could be forgiven for not knowing which direction Christian graves face.

Ancient tradition shows they should look east in anticipation of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But all headstones at the new £2.5m High Wood Cemetery in Bulwell will be plotted to face north-east, in line with Islamic faith.
It's worth noting that this is not being done to comply with the demands of Muslims; the spokesman interviewed is quite reasonable that Christians should be buried in whatever direction is meaningful to them. But this is happening more and more; it's just easier to follow the Muslim rules, because they're the only ones who might conceivably make trouble about it.

This reminds me, however, of a book I read some time ago - "Edie" by George Plimpton. It's the biography of a young society girl named Edie Sedgwick from an old, old family in Massachusetts, who was caught up in and destroyed by the drugs and thrills culture of the '60s. The book starts off with a description of her family's burial plot in Stockbridge, MA.
In one corner is the family's burial place; it's called the Sedgwick Pie. The Pie is rather handsome. In the center Judge Theodore Sedgwick, the first of the Stockbridge Sedgwicks and a great-great-great-grandfather of Edie's and of mine, is buried under his tombstone, a high rising obelisk, and his wife Pamela is beside him. They are like the king and queen on a chessboard, and all around them like a pie are more modest stones, put in layers, back and round in a circle. The descendants of Judge Sedgwick, from generation unto generation, are all buried with their heads facing out and their feet pointing in toward their ancestor. The legend is that on Judgment Day when they arise and face the Judge, they will have to see no one but Sedgwicks.


Blogger Christ Church WOC said...

This is one of the most disturbing things I've read recently. It calls to mind the words of the Soviet leader who said, in effect, that they would conquer us - not by overt acts of war - but from within. Despite the Reagan/Thatcher "renaming" of the old Soviet Union Bloc, Russia and Eastern Europe is still a dark and dangerous place. The old socialist ways still prevail and are, in many places, nostalgically longed for. The US and the entire West has been influenced and changed by them. I'm afraid irreversibly so. The Episcopal church mirrored what was happening in the US (or vice versa).
Now I see (as evidenced by this small incident you reported) that "the peaceful-religion" is using the old Soviet tactic. These officials are playing into their hands, just as the liberals did, giving in to leftist ideas, 50 years ago. We have been taught to curb our outward religious identity lest it should make anyone of another faith feel "uncomfortable" for so long, that it is becoming easy to let the "peaceful-religionists" take control (through native, western, non peaceful-religionists).

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