Friday, September 15, 2006

I don't think this is what Mrs. Schori had in mind

"I am fond of reminding people," Jefferts Schori added, "that without chaos there would have been no opportunity for creation."

Chaos we have in my house. Yesterday, Dean and I had this conversation:

Dean: There's a yellow stain on the wall.
Me: Uhhh...maybe...
Dean: No. It can't be. It's too high, even for Thomas. And for James, it would be impossible.
Me: Maybe it was you.
Dean: No.
Me: Well, what is it?
Dean: It feels very slick.

James had emptied an aerosol can of Pam cooking spray on the wall, on the fridge, everywhere. Fortunately, not on the floor, or we'd be skating through the kitchen. But I keep finding patches of it that I have to wipe up, and as it has no smell, it's not easy to find.

Also, our computer desk fell apart. It lasted 4 years, only because it was too heavy (with the computer on it) for James to drag it out onto the deck to play with it. However, he did tend to hit and kick it when the computer wouldn't behave, so finally it gave up the ghost. I prefer to get real wood furniture when possible, because it's stronger, but when it comes to computer furniture you're pretty well stuck with the modern stuff, which is only Ikea-style pressboard. As I was carrying the tattered bits of board outside for garbage pickup, Dean asked me what type of wood it was made of. I said it was the rare South African Bogus Tree.

Now the computer is sitting on a yellow-topped chrome kitchen table I picked up at an auction a few years ago. This is much stronger, but even when it eventually gives out, at least I only paid $12 for it, so I can let it go without much regret.


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