Monday, July 10, 2006

Another James day

James started out the day in a foul temper, yelling orders and hitting everything in sight. Finally, he put his fist through the drywall in the hall! I heard the bang, but I thought it was just another hit on the wall; only later did I notice the hole. Then he dumped a bowl of melted icecream on the floor. Maniac. This made Thomas laugh like a crazed hyena, which put James in a good mood, and he started tittering too, while Mom the Slave came over with a wet rag and wiped up the mess while muttering imprecations.

Then I noticed the hole. I called him over and very sternly asked "What's this?" to which he answered "Ouch!" and showed me his hand. Hmph. You've come to the wrong place for sympathy, kid. When I started lecturing him on how he must NOT hit things, he decided that a change of subject was the best strategy, so he gave me a flirtatious smile and said "Giggles?" (tickles) Oh well - we flopped over and I tickled him for 5 minutes or so. He used to love tickles all day long, but now he's such a big boy (11) and with all the grouchiness of approaching puberty, we haven't had that sort of fun for awhile.


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