Sunday, June 04, 2006

Terror cell raided in Toronto

Much good comment on this from blogs Canadian and American. The Relapsed Catholic has a good one, trying to knock some sense into the mushbrains who insist that everyone's contribution to our great Canadian multicultural mosaic is to be equally valued. Little Green Footballs has regular updates and much information and commentary.

Dean and I were noting the names of the accused:

Fahim, Zakaria, Asad, Shareef, Qayuun, Mohammed, Yasim, Jamaal, Amin, Ahmad, Saad and...Steve. Steve, of course, has an alias: Abdul, naturally. We were speculating on Steve's origin; his full name is Steven Vikash Chand, which sounds Indian - Hindu or possibly Christian. I tend to forget that Islam does find converts among Hindus; like Christianity and Sikhism too, it appeals to those who find the caste system stifling, and promises equality and brotherhood to people who find themselves excluded. My guess is that we'll find that Steve is the son of well-assimilated immigrant parents.


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