Thursday, June 15, 2006

Late addition to the garden

Loblaws is starting to discount their plants, especially the vegetable plants, so I picked up one more tomato (as if I need more). This was a curious specimen, described as "yellow pear-shaped", and I just couldn't resist it. I'll find space to squeeze in this last one.

Roses are also going on sale, so I picked up 2, both David Austin varieties: Abraham Darby and Golden Celebration. I have a real weakness for these old-fashioned roses, with their heady scents and big fluffy heads with hundreds of petals. I know that Ottawa is just a bit too cold for them (I never try hybrid roses for just that reason) but I have had success with one: an Eglantyne bought last year (or maybe the year before - I'm forgetting). It's right in front of the deck, and it must be sufficiently protected from the wind, because it's doing very well, even though I can't keep the other plants around from crowding it. I'm going to try putting these down at the bottom of the garden, by the hammock.

The old play structure down there is gradually turning into a little flower focus, but I can't really do what I want to do until the tree guys come and take down the big branch (actually the trunk) of the tree from over the fence that's hanging right over it. It's not without its charm - it makes a nice shady canopy right over the hammock - but it cuts off light to the bottom of the garden, and I want it gone. Hopefully, when it's less shady down there, there will be fewer mosquitoes, too.


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