Thursday, June 29, 2006

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The big guns in ECUSA are finally firing back. 815 Second Avenue is from the "Episcopal Information Minister", who looks faintly familiar by his photo. Now those conservatives are going to get theirs!
Our Glorious Leader cannot respond because now he reads Sufi poet Rumi and meditates. He is a very smart man, he is a very smart man. Believe me, he is smarter than the insane little dwarf Ducan and his international criminal gang of bastards. I respond for him.

There is no departure of Fort Worth. Never! We control Fort Worth. I can assure you that those villains will recognize, will discover in appropriate time in future how stupid they are and how they are pretending things which have never taken place.

We have deposed 2 bishops, 14 priests and their deacons - We have driven them back.

Pittsburgh? They do not even have control over themselves! Do not believe them! They are like a snake and we are going to cut it in pieces.

I would like to clarify a simple fact here: How can you lay siege to a whole province? Who is really under siege now? 815 cannot be besieged. Newark cannot be besieged. New Hampshire cannot be besieged.

I say to you their talk is not true. This is part of their sick mind. They are sick, sick, sick stupids.


Blogger Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

Hard to believe this is even necessary, what with ENS.

10:01 pm  

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