Thursday, June 22, 2006

God bless the Episcopalians

for making it so EASY to be a Catholic!The General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. has just finished. I didn't bother writing anything while it was going on, as better bloggers than I were right there on site. Anyway, there was so much just to READ, it was hard to take the time to contribute anything.

It was a tremendous "walls of Jericho" moment to see the Anglican Church I thought existed crumbling before the loud, brassy trumpets of relativism and sexual license. The "termites" - feminists, socialists and homosexuals - have worked for decades insinuating themselves into every crack and crevice of the church, and this is how a Long March is supposed to end - with the entire rotted structure falling down in one spectacular, unstoppable rush.

The first supporting beam collapsed when they elected this Schnorrer person to be their Presiding Bishop on Sunday. She immediately set to work informing the world that homosexuality is not a sin, nor is pretty much anything else that results in three or more bare legs in a bed.

Then came the farce of pretending to respond to the Windsor Report, with resolutions becoming more and more tepid with each amendment. Finally the whole thing slumped lifeless to the ground, with the new owners of the (former) church defiantly declaring that they weren't going to apologize for turning the pathetic Gene Robinson into a pseudo-bishop.

A desperate last-ditch attempt by the hapless Griswold to save face did nothing but give the triumphant homosexuals a new opportunity to weep and wail about their pain and oppression. "Oh, look and see, if there be any sorrow like unto OUR sorrow?"


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