Sunday, June 25, 2006

Garden update

Those two roses I bought last week were starting to look a little homesick for the earth, so I decided to plant them today. This entailed doing a bit of tree-trimming on my own, as I've placed the roses at the base of the old play structure, and that is quite overgrown by the tree from over the fence. I've arrange to have it substantially cut back, but the tree guys haven't called, and I just can't wait any longer. With a hand saw and bit of twisting and wrenching, I got the lowest branches off and then put the roses in the ground. They seem to have taken the transplant very well; 'Golden Celebration' didn't even lose the two already-open roses it was carrying.

Last night, I was cleaning up in the kitchen when Thomas came tiptoeing over (he still toe-walks a fair bit) and said something like "Mumble mumble mumble raccoon..." He was peering out the kitchen window, so I looked as well, but didn't see anything.
"Where's the raccoon?" I asked. He led me back to the TV room, and there, at the window, was a young raccoon, eating some AllBran cereal that James had dumped out the window earlier in the day. I hadn't gotten around to sweeping it up, and was hoping the birds might eat it; I hadn't expected a raccoon. Thomas walked over to the window, held out his hands and said to the raccoon, "Where did YOU come from?" By the morning, all the cereal was gone.


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