Wednesday, June 28, 2006

End of school

Today is the last day of school for James; Thomas's last day was Monday, and Emma was done last week. Their holidays are beginning, and mine won't start until September! A glimpse of what the summer has in store for us - James and Thomas started fighting yesterday afternoon, with the usual tit-for-tat hitting. James escalated by throwing things at Thomas; finally he threw a Bible, a volume of Chesterton, and The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James, at which point I decided that enough was enough! He was sent upstairs to take a shower and hopefully get himself into a better mood.

It's so damp and humid out right now, with rain expected all this week, I finally turned on the AC today. It's not that hot by the thermometer, but the stickiness in the house is unbearable. You could grow fungus on a cactus.

The potatoes are flowering - I quite like potato flowers, we have purple and white ones, and they're pretty enough to cut. The plants are getting tall and starting to fall over; I must get some mulch to hill them up, as much to keep them upright as to promote tuber growth. The currants are ripening; this being the first year we've had any, I'm not quite sure when they're actually ripe, but it is nice to see them taking on colour.


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