Saturday, June 03, 2006

Auction in Kemptville

Another auction today, this time in Kemptville. The nice weather we'd been promised has melted clean away, and it rained all day long - not hard, but incessantly. Jim Cooper was the auctioneer, and I always like going to his auctions. I spent $65, and came home with a van completely stuffed with...odds and ends. I got a vcr, since one of ours is showing its age, and then I was prevailed upon to take the old TV with it. The vcr was $24, and the TV $2, so I could hardly complain. For the rest, it was a lot of oddments - lamps, shades, lamp parts and wire for my electrical toolbox. I like rewiring old lamps, so I can use even ugly lamps for spare parts. Some kitchen things - I'm very fond of aluminum and stuff from the '50s, so I did pick up a set of aluminum canisters and some pots. Another egg poacher - I must have 3 now, and have never used one yet. Maybe I'll try it out tomorrow.

It was very enjoyable to be out in the country again, listening to the voices and accents of old Ontario. Old people reminiscing on how the town has grown (and Kemptville is just a small town); "This was a dirt road, and when we moved here, there were horses right across the street where the IGA is now." It's nice to hear people who've stayed in one place talking about the lineage of houses, and listing off the names of the families who lived in a row on any particular street. Nobody could do that where I live now.


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