Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pre-emptive disassociation?

Bishops speak out against Nigerian laws on homosexuality. According to the Anglican Journal, the Nigerian bishops are being "called to account" for their support of their government's new laws on homosexuality. I really don't remember so much interest in things Nigerian before the bishops of that far-off land started making pointed observations on the decrepit state of Anglicanism in North America.

"In unusually strong language, the bishops said they "disassociate" themselves from the actions of the Church of Nigeria and called upon Anglicans around the world to listen to and respect the human rights of gay people."
With the General Convention in the U.S. just a month away, could this be a bit of pre-emptive disassociation? There's much anxiety building about whether ECUSA will or can "repent" its consacration of a gay bishop, and the bishops of the Global South (Nigeria prominent among them) are seen as threatening to kick the Americans (and subsequently the Canadians) out of the communion if they don't shape up. Maybe this is their way of saying "You can't fire us, we quit!"


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