Thursday, April 20, 2006

I just discovered a new blog (new to me, at any rate): Posse Incitatus, whom I discovered thanks to a link from a comment on Mark Steyn's "Letters" page. Like me, he's a new Roman Catholic, converted and accepted into the Church this past week. I was most taken by one of his reasons for entering the Church:
If there is to be a Long War, who better to side with than an institution that has weathered barbarian invasions, the plague, the Crusades, the Reformation and both world wars?

I confess, that this was a strong motivator in my case, too. After the death of Terri Schiavo, followed by that of Pope John Paul II, I had a strong feeling that the world was moving towards a great confrontation between Good and Evil, and I wanted to make it clear what side I was on. I've no doubt I could have continued as I was, supporting the Church against the evil tide that is rising, but it seemed to me that the time was come to openly declare my allegiance. Maybe I feared myself - that a furtive support could too easily slide into passivity, and a temptation to buy peace with outward acquiescence. By converting, I've put on the uniform of the Church - like any soldier in uniform, it makes one an easily spied target for enemies, but it also identifies one to friends. And I have to say, I was surprised by all the friendly people who came up to congratulate me and my 3 fellow converts on Saturday night. I did truly feel that I'd joined something bigger than myself.


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