Friday, April 28, 2006

The Hammock

Not only was yesterday a day of digging, it also was the day I installed the Lee Valley Tools Mayan Hammock in the backyard. We had one of these in Boston, and I've been longing for another one here in Ottawa ever since we moved here, nearly 4 years ago. I always thought I needed a couple of trees or posts about 12 feet apart, but on reading the instructions, I found I could use the play structure already standing in the backyard. In Boston, I had it stretched out more horizontally (like in the LVT website picture) - here, it's hanging up about 6 ft. high, but it comes down to about knee level. Now I'm set for a relaxing summer in the backyard.

When James came home, I thought he'd be interested in the hammock, as he and Thomas had enjoyed it a lot in Boston. Instead, his attention focussed entirely on the new patch of ground I'd dug. He looked at the rectangle-shaped patch of dirt and immediately assumed that I was digging him a swimming pool! He got very excited, and couldn't stop talking about it. Boy, is he going to be mad when he sees tomatoes growing in there.


Blogger Erik Mann said...

great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik

11:21 am  

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